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Our critically acclaimed debut album deserves to spin on your turntable.

Abandon Earth on vinyl

bySavage Machine

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Aarhus, Denmark

Savage Machine

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With the release of our new album “Abandon Earth” on January 19th, we’re beyond excited to get your feedback on our efforts this past year, and we can’t wait for it to hit the all the shelves, stages and streaming services out there.

We want to spread the word about Savage Machine, and let headbangers around the world know that true heavy metal lives on forever! Sadly, this time around, it does not live forever on Vinyl. Yet!

This is where you, our fellow enthusiasts, can help us a great deal and we’ll return the gesture thousandfold!
By pre-ordering Abandon Earth on Vinyl we can guarantee that this becomes a reality, and we’ll sing your praises as well as sign all copies to show you our immense gratitude.

We know that several of you out there would prefer to give the album its first spin on the best possible quality, and with the time we have spent on this album, of course, you should be able to!
Sadly, we’ve had to prioritize, and Vinyl was simply a cost we’ve had to cut from the initial release plan.

We are extremely ambitious in Savage Machine, and Abandon Earth is an album that we’ve put enormous amounts of love and energy into With every release, we hope to move closer to realizing our dream of making a living playing fast and loud all over the world. But for now, we are just regular guys who are working hard to make the machine run smoothly.

If you count yourself among the metal legions and consider vinyl a superior format, we’d truly appreciate your support. Help us make Abandon Earth available on vinyl.

Thank for listening to our stuff, and banging your heads at our shows. Much love and respect.
-Savage Machine


Stickers! Get a fistful of epic Savage Machine stickers, and a big thank you!

May, 2018

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One Woven patch and a handful of stickers!

May, 2018

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5 backers
195 rewards left
Abandon Earth on crisp black vinyl, and digital download, plus stickers for your bathroom door.

May, 2018

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5 backers
95 rewards left
Limited Edition t-shirt with artwork by Mario Lopez, digital download, and stickers for your old mans Plymouth.

May, 2018

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100 rewards left
Abandon Earth on vinyl, CD, and digital download, plus your ears full of stickers.

May, 2018

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3 backers
97 rewards left
An assortment of new and used guitar and bass picks, courtesy of Jacob, Simon and Benjamin, Vinyl, Digital Download, and an assful o' stickers.

May, 2018

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Get a well-beaten, signed, snare drumhead, the album on vinyl, digital download, and stickers for your mothers mailbox.
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Limited Edition t-shirt with artwork by Mario Lopez, vinyl, digital download, and a bunch of stickers.

May, 2018

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2 all access passes to a Savage Machine concert near you (the offer stands for two years), vinyl, digital download, and stickers to feed your dog before you go to the concert.

May, 2018

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Troels' battlevest, worn in concert from the beginning until sometime 2015 (we can't promise it's been washed), vinyl, digital download, and stickers enough to cover up the smell of stale beer.

May, 2018

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Reward no longer available.
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Tommy Bruun 20.00 January 18, 2018
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Maria Louise Jensen 35.00 January 15, 2018