Market your campaign

How do I get the desired attention for my project?

There are a few simple steps, in addition to creating a great campaign, that may help you get some traction outside of your own fan-bubble.

Share with passion

Funding your dream isn’t something you should take lightly. It requires time and dedication. Without both the project is built to fail. So go out there, and share your project with passion that shines through. Let your fans, followers, friends, familiy, frenemies, and foreigners know what your project is about, and why they should support you.

Don’t flood your followers in a constant barrage of updates. Handle them with care and respect. Show them, that their support means the world to you.

Get your fans to promote it

Should be easy, right? Wrong! People don’t just share anything online these days. Make sure your stuff is cool, and something your fans want to be connected to. Encourage them to share directly with friends they know would be interested. Encourage them to use their own words. And show your gratitude to those who help spread the love.

Utilize blogs, magazines, and others who already like your stuff

Remember last time you released an EP and this crazy Brazilian blog caught it and gave it a five-star review? Get those guys on the horn right away. If they like you, chances are they will help spread the word. Maybe promise them a few samples to use as contest prizes, or make a video tailored to their audience.

Spend a few bucks on advertising

We know, you’re on a tight budget right? Well, remember the old saying “nothing comes from nothing”? Or perhaps you’re better acquainted with the much overused “it takes money to make money”? They’re both right. Grabbing the attention of your fans is the easy part. Extending beyond your already firm believers is the tricky part.

Use a bit of time to identify your audience. Do they like Coldplay? Judas Priest? Monét? Find the common grounds between the large portions of potential fans, and create graphics or videos that speaks directly to them.

Advertising isn’t cheap. But done right, it’s extremely effective.