Guaranteed Delivery

So, you want to fund a project, but you need someone to take care of production and fulfillment once the funding is secured? With Creative Thunder Guaranteed Delivery, your backers are guaranteed to receive their rewards. On time, and in great quality. 

Advantages of choosing Guaranteed Delivery

For creators

  • Creative Thunder takes charge of the process, once funding is complete.
  • We deal directly with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • We handle packing and shipping of rewards to backers.
  • You get a detailed financial accounting of the events.

For Backers

  • Backers are ensured they get the rewards they paid for, on time.
  • They do not have to worry about quality,
  • – or if their product goes missing in transport,
  • – or if it’s broken by the time it arrives. Creative Thunder handles any issues.

How do I get Guaranteed Delivery on my project?

Not all projects are eligible for Guaranteed Delivery. Generally, projects involving vinyl pressing, CD production, printing, or other forms of manufacturing are perfect for the process. Projects involving major work from the creator, prior to the fulfillment of rewards are not. These projects could be studio time, video production, or major public displays.

To be sure your project, or selected parts of it, is eligible for Guaranteed Delivery, please contact us at

Creative Thunder is exclusively for artists. Guaranteed Delivery is provided in collaboration with Merch City.