Creator handbook

How to start a campaign

This section is meant to help you understand the different parts of creating a campaign with Creative Thunder. We’ve listed all required fields in the campaign creation form along with a bit of explanation.

Before you upload your campaign, make sure you’ve taken a look at How to create a great campaign.


Use a descriptive and catchy title. Something that says in few words, what backers can expect when they click through to the campaign.


This is the long, thorough explanation of the campaign, its goals, rewards, and time frame of the project. Make sure to elaborate anything your backers might want to know. And use pictures! And video!

The first paragraph is also used in the campaign overview. It should be a maximum of 140 characters

Recommended length: 300-800 words

Short Description

The list of things. 50-75 words on the most important parts of your project.


Choose a category that suits your project. Categories are always evolving, so if you don’t think there’s one for your project, just get in touch at and we’ll help put you in the right box.


We encourage the use of tags to help backers find relevant projects. If you’re funding to release an album on vinyl, cd, and cassette, those three words are obvious tags. Genre is another great tag. But consider it carefully. If your tag is unique it’s not helping backers find your project.


Set a header image for your campaign. Image should ideally be 600×600 pixels.


Here you can insert a link to your campaign video. We recommend hosting it on YouTube, and adding it here.

Start and end dates

It’s important to add specific start and end dates for your campaign. Both for your own and your backers’ sakes. A typical campaign lasts between 20-45 days.


Adding minimum, maximum and recommended amounts helps those who just want to support you without selecting a reward. We recommend a minimum amount of 1 Euro. Anything less will be eaten by online payment fees.


How much money do you need to succeed? Set the minimum amount as your goal, and utilize stretch goals to encourage funding beyond your goal.

End method

When do your campaign end? Select between three types of endings: Target Goal, Target Date, og Target Goal & Date. If you only need a fixed amount, Target Goal can help you end the campaign the moment your target is reached. We recommend using Target Goal & Date in order to ensure the biggest outcome of the campaign.


Select if you want to show contributors on a page for themselves next to your project. Or select Anonymity if you’d like to hide their identities.

Country and location

Show where you’re from.


Here you create your individual reward packages. Enter an amount, upload a picture, put in a description of the reward along with an estimated delivery year and month, and specify how many of this specific reward this amount buys the backer.

Use the green +Add-button to add more reward packages.

Missing anything?

If you get stuck while creating your campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.